Materials of Construction Compatibility

ICAO Product Approvals
Foam Compatibility — FIRE‑BRAKE & BUSHMASTER
Firefighting Foam — Antifoaming Agent
Foam Compatibility — ARCTIC 1x3% ATC & NATIONAL FOAM 1x3% AR‑AFFF
Foam Compatibility — ARCTIC 3% AFFF & ANSULITE AFC-3A AFFF
Foam Compatibility — ARCTIC 3% DB AFFF & ANSULITE AFC-3A AFFF
Foam Compatibility — ARCTIC 3x3% ATC & ANSULITE 3x3% AR-AFFF
Foam Compatibility — ARCTIC 3x6% ATC & ANSULITE 3x6% AR-AFFF
Foam Compatibility - FIRE-BRAKE & SILV-EX PLUS
Foam Compatibility — WD881
Foam Compatibility — FIRE-BRAKE & FOREXPAN
Foam Compatibility - FIRE-BRAKE & FIRST CLASS
What Firefighters Should Know About Wildfires & Foam
Fluorine Free Foam – Not All Concentrates Are Equal
Solberg Foam System Check List
Product Name Simplification
RE-HEALING Foam Fire Performance
RE‑HEALING™ Foam Concentrate FAQ
Foam as a Firefighting Agent
FIRE‑BRAKE™ Foam Concentrate is Tire Fire Breakthrough
New HPSF Technology — Are you ready for the future in Class B foam?
The New Standard in Firefighting Foam Technology – Worldwide
Vapor Suppression
High-Expansion Foam Concentrate
Proportioning — an Important Parameter in Foam Firefighting
Arctic™ Foam Concentrates – Lifetime & Storage

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